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CUBA. ANTILLES - December 2012

TRAVEL DATE: 01.12.12 - 08.12.12

ROUTE: Cienfuegos - o.Kayo-Guano - about. Cayo Largo - o.Kayo Rosario - o.Riko - o.Iguan - o.Largo - Cienfuegos

Skills shipping is required


  • Total Cost per person in the crew of at least 8 people. when placed in 2 months. cabin 1050 euro.

Note: this price is valid until November 1, 2012.

For any questions please call:

  • (915) 092-94-10
  • (495) 636-17-08

The price includes:

  • place on a sailing catamaran Catana 470C when placed in 2 places. cabin.
  • Linen and towels on a yacht.
  • Services skipper.
  • Final cleaning yacht.
  • photos and video.

additional paid:

  • flight to g.Gavana.
  • Travel fees (10 euros per person. day stay in Cuba)
  • Group transfer from the airport (65 euros per person. one way)
  • Security deposit (350 euros. collected from the entire crew of the yacht)
  • Private meals during the trip.
  • port charges, fuel, water and electricity (approx 100 euros per person)
  • Outboard (250 euro. collected from the entire crew) (Optional)


  • Diving (approx 50-60 euros)
  • Tours.

company SKY-YACHTING, if necessary, provides visa support.

ROUTE: Cienfuegos - o.Kayo-Guano - about. Cayo Largo - o.Kayo Rosario - o.Riko - o.Iguan - o.Largo - Cienfuegos

Cuba- the largest of the Caribbean islands, combines fascinating blend of colonial history with a vivid mix of Latin American, Spanish and African cultures. Beaches with pure white sand, coconut trees and the underwater world, with up to five hundred and fifty species of fish and coral types surround this spectacular island.

When Christopher Columbus first came to the land of Cuba, he struck the beauty of places that surround him, uttered his famous words:

"nothing more beautiful in my life I have never seen!"

And really, what could be more beautiful piercing blue sky, turquoise sea, endless white beaches and beautiful kreolok?

And, of course, people. People - that's the most important thing in Cuba. Here you will meet friendly Cubans who at first glance give an idea of тАЛтАЛwhat country you come. If we consider that the level of service in Cuba is quite high and easily surpass in many ways most of the Moscow schools, prices will truly surprise you. And here you can relax in any season, for winter and summer temperatures in Cuba is in the range +25-28 C.

You will be amazed with the many trips to various places, which tells you a surprisingly interesting history of this island. By the way, these places are important in almost every city, so the list of places that you will visit in Cuba, not only such major cities as Varadero and Havana, but many provincial towns.

Cuba also has a number of nature reserves which are endangered species of plants and animals, as well as various monuments and historical sites. These reserves of Cuba are protected by UNESCO and declared the organization heritage of mankind.

If you want to discover a completely new and amazing place where you can relax and forget about the cares of the world - a better place than Cuba, you will not find. Arriving in Cuba, you will delight the nature of the island, because most of the plants and animals you do not get to see anywhere in the world! - Cuba is a special, wonderful world, which, perhaps, can not be found anywhere else

Local cuisine:cuisine combines the influence of Spanish and African cuisine using local products and the typical dishes include rice with black beans, roast pork, or grilled wild bananas. Cuba is famous especially lobster. Taste"assada", fried lobster in small open pits, which are served with traditional rice and black beans. Chicken with brown rice, fried plantains and sweet potatoes are also very popular.

As for dessert, then Cuba is very decent ice cream. It is impossible not to recall the Cuban coffee This coffee is very strong and very sweet, he served in a meager cup. This tiny"atomic bomb" for Cubans the same as coca leaves for Bolivians. In general, residents of the island big sweet tooth.

Of drinks consumed mainly beer. Along with rum, we can say it is the national drink. Large palette of Roma's most famous - Habana Club.

one day.Cienfuegos. Boarding the boat from 18:00 to midnight. Dinner and overnight at the marina. In Cienfuegos (Cienfuegos) - one of the largest and most prosperous cities, located on the main island, there is a commercial port with marina. Marina were located near the center of the city, where seasoned French architectural style. Full of eateries and places for entertainment, this city is the heart of an active life both for tourists and for locals.

Day 2. Island Guano del Este (4:00) - Isle of Largo (about 2.5 hours) Breakfast on board and a small sail to the island of Guano del Este, the first stop at about. Largo. In the afternoon swimming in the bay, in the north of the island, and snorkeling on the coral reef. Two and a half hour trip under sail - and the island of Largo. Mooring in the marina and overnight at Playa Sirena. Cayo Guano (Cayo Guano del Este). To the east of Cayo Largo (Cayo Largo) is the almost deserted island, which is smaller than a mile long and a mile wide. It is the perfect place for solitude - away from the crowds of people to just lie under the coconut trees and swim under water coral reefs.

Day 3.Island Largo. Breakfast in front of the beautiful Playa Sirena, then a visit to the farm turtles, some of which are more than a hundred years. Lunch on board, swimming,
walks to kayaking, snorkeling, vacation in Playa Sirena and Playa Paraiso. Overnight in the marina, next to Largo Island nightclub with dancing to Cuban rhythms (optional). Cayo Largo - a stunning island with lots of sandy beaches. It is located in the south-eastern part of the archipelago Canarreos (Canarreos), where all your worries fade away. Visit the largest beach, located on the west side of Cayo Largo. The beach is protected from the wind, its coastline, bordered by palm trees, is very popular among tourists.

Day 4.Island Rosario (about 2.5 hours) After breakfast - departure to the coral barrier Los Ballenatos. After snorkeling the beautiful reef dinner on the yacht. Day of swimming and water sports in beautiful natural pools channel Quinto. Later in the afternoon sail to about. Rosario. Anchorage near the lighthouse Diego P├йrez. The island of Cayo Rosario (Cayo Rosario) has an excellent location, which influenced the growth of coral reefs. Among their bushes in the clear water you will see flocks of extremely beautiful fish.

Day 5.Archipelago Canarreos. Swimming and walking on one of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago, the coral reef snorkeling among thousands of colorful fish in a natural aquarium. Visit the farm monkey island Cantile, where guides botanical and zoological park will guide you through the jungle to look for crocodiles, endemic island inhabitants Cantile.

Day 6.Island Rico (about 2 hours). After breakfast, snorkelling the reef Quebrado del Rosario. The transition to the island Rico. Lunch at anchor in front of the beach,
swimming and water activities. For lovers of rum bar on the beach offers to try the famous Mojito. Overnight stay at the island Rico.

7 days.Island Iguana - Island Largo (about 45 min.) Go to the island Largo after breakfast."Long Island" - as translated from the Spanish name of Cayo Largo (Cayo Largo). Islet-like shape Raptor aerial view, is at the heart of the Caribbean Sea and belongs Kanarreos archipelago, which is located along the southern coast of Cuba. Cayo Largo reefs decorated with all kinds of Caribbean corals, gorgonians and sponges, and walking around the island will open to you, hundreds of representatives of tropical fauna. Here you can see a variety of birds - from the majestic and graceful flamingo gray herons to tiny hummingbirds rapid. Motor boating to the island Iguana, a small island inhabited by hundreds of iguanas. Lunch at anchor and visit the"Hanging Gardens", shopping and enjoying the sunset from the coastal bar. On the beach of the island completely untouched marine life, snorkeling swim hvatyvayusche interesting right from the shore, scratching his stomach on algae. Such stars are everywhere, including at the water's edge. Difficult to convey emotions in communicating with absolutely unspoiled nature - just incredible delight. After dinner, the night shift to Cienfuegos.

Day 8.Cienfuegos. Completion of the cruise at 9 am. Transfer to the airport.

in cruise itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

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