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SPAIN. Balearic Islands - September 2012

TRAVEL DATE: 29.09.12 - 06.10.12

ROUTE:Palma - De - Mallorca - Port Andratx - o.Dragonera Port Soller - Pollensa - Majorca - Ciutadella (Menorca) - Porto Cristo - o.Kabrera - Colony September Jordi - Palma - De - Majorca.

Skills shipping is required


  • Total Cost per person in the crew of at least 8 people. when placed in 2 months. cabin 790 euros.

Note: this price is valid until September 1, 2012.

have any questions, please call:

  • (915) 092-94-10
  • (495) 636-17-08


  • place on a yacht Beneteau Cyclades 50.5when placed in 2 places. cabin.
  • Linen and towels on a yacht.
  • Services skipper.
  • Final cleaning yacht.
  • photos and video.

additional paid:

  • flights to Palma de Mallorca.
  • visa to travel to Spain.
  • Refundable security deposit (collected from the crew of the yacht) (2500 euros) is fully refundable at the time of yachts in the last day.
  • Private meals during the trip.
  • port charges, fuel, water and electricity (approx 100 euros per person.).


  • Diving (approx 50-60 euros).

company SKY-YACHTING, if necessary, provides visa support.

ROUTE:Palma - De - Mallorca - Port Andratx - o.Dragonera Port Soller - Pollensa - Majorca - Ciutadella (Menorca) - Porto Cristo - o.Kabrera - Colony September Jordi - Palma - De - Majorca.

Now I'm in Palm of palms, cedars, aloe, orange and lemon trees, figs and pomegranates. Sky turquoise, sea blue, and emerald mountains. The air? Well, the air is the same blue as the sky, the sun shines all day, and people go to summer clothes, because it's hot. In short, life is amazing. Frederic Chopin

one day.Palma De Mallorca

beginning of our trip to Palma de Mallorca. Those interested in history and architecture, we definitely recommend a walk through the streets of the capital on the eve of the Balearic Islands, to visit the local bars in the evenings there is live music, and enjoy the Gothic cathedral, which looks particularly impressive in night lights.

Palma de Mallorca - the capital and the most beautiful city of the Balearic archipelago. In this city, intertwined history and culture of many peoples and civilizations. Of all the buildings in the city are two large architectural structures: Bellver Castle and Cathedral, which overlooks the old harbor of Palma. Next to the cathedral is Almudaina Palace, built in his time as an Arab fortress, and then it was the residence of the kings of Mallorca. The palace now serves as a place for official receptions kings of Spain during their stay on the island. Opposite Moorish palace Palau de l'Almudeyna is a beautiful exchange building with tall windows and tracery of stone carvings XIV century. Taking a walk in the old center of the city, you will meet the local nobility mansions heyday of trade and handicrafts. In the same area are the Arab baths and the arch Almudaina, Monteson church, the monastery of St. Francis, the Bishop's Palace.

streets of the historic center of Palma store typical medieval print: they are narrow and winding. On these streets here and there there are surprises in the form of architectural treasure-houses formerly owned by the nobility, as well as churches and monasteries, of which there are surprisingly mnogo.Na St. Eulalia area, next to the City Hall, is one of the oldest and largest temples of the city: the church Santa Eulalia (St. Eulalia). A few steps from the Church of Saint Eulalia, one of the first parishes, founded after the Catalan conquest of the island in the XIII century, the street begins Mori. Here for seven centuries, as if nothing had changed. Many homes adorn the windows of an old blown glass. Next - Palace Wheels, one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, with an unusual inner courtyard with Ionic columns and a squat arches. Another remarkable building - is the monastery of Sant Francesc. The monastery has a church with a single, but a huge nave and magnificent Gothic cloister.

2day.Palma de Mallorca - to Puerto de Andratx - Cabo de Sa Mola - Dragonera - Puerto de Soller

up early and go to Puerto de Andratx, friendly fishing port located in the narrow bay. On the way we pass by the Cabo de Sa Mola and see the spectacular cliffs, cool water stretching into the sea. Stop for a swim and lunch at the island Dragonera further transition in Soller, where we stay overnight.

Port Soller soaked French charm seaside corner of Mallorca hit tourists, above all, its unusual detachment from all Spanish. A trip on the historic tram to the shelter from the outside world by high mountains town of Soller, which is one of the gems of Mallorca. Scenic view of blooming valleys and orange and almond groves makes an impression even seen a lot of travelers. Soller decorated antique, not only stations and tourist information signs, signs and house numbers, but all the buildings, some of which really remember a time long ago sunk fly. Wandering around a sweet, but very narrow streets of Soller, looking into a miniature map of the town, it is necessary to come to his most famous structure, the so-called"House of the Moon" surprise guests not only for its 800 years of age, but well-preserved decoration of the facade - polnolikim picture night light. Inspecting has a special microclimate, filled with aroma of pine needles Soller, a must visit the main religious sites of the city, the Cathedral, built student genius architect A.Gaudi.

Day 3.Puerto de Soller - Pollensa

Puerto de Soller is adjacent to the village in the valley Fornalutx. The valley is famous for its orange groves and terraces with ancient olive trees. The valley is surrounded by mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, which attracts lovers of mountain walks around the world.

After lunch proceed to Pollensa and spend the night there.

Day 4.Pollensa - Alcudia - Ciutadella (Menorca)

Town Pollensa, an old fishing port has now become a popular place among the artists of the beauty of the bay and the magnificent view from the Cape Cap Formentor. After breakfast we go to the other side of the bay and walk on the most ancient cities of the island - Alcudia, founded by the Phoenicians and the former once the capital of Majorca.

ancient town Alcudia ruins around him fortress dating from the 13th century. - A unique historical monument. At one time this was the main defender of the fortress of Mallorca, reflecting pirates. Today here drive tourists - are considered the most popular two-hour walking tour in the old city: the city walls on the narrow streets between the massive and squat medieval houses 13-14 centuries. Built to the main attractions - the church of St. Jaume, made in the Gothic style.

Go to Minorca, overnight in the marina.

Day 5.Ciutadella - Porto Cristo

Should wake up early to take a walk through the historic center of the coastal town of Ciutadella, which was the capital of Menorca, with Moorish era to the XVIII century. At the town hall square of preserved palaces in the Venetian style. The streets of this charming town planted with fig trees and palms. Esglezia church Catedral de Menorca, in the style of the Catalan Gothic style, was built before the Turkish invasion. Next to the church is the historic center of Ciutadella - the Plaza des Born, built originally as a training ground for the Moorish troops, and then rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Today it is one of the most beautiful squares in Spain. Around the square are many architectural monuments Ciudadela: City Hall, theater Theater - unisipal des Born (Teatre Municipal des Born), aristocratic mansions with facades in Italian style (Palau de Torre Saura XIX century, Palau de Torre Saura .) Street Ses Voltes interesting strings of white arches, built on both sides of it. After passing on the street Carre des Seminars, you can go to church Esgleziya-dels-Sokors and Diocesan Museum. The narrow streets of the old town many beautiful palaces to visit is open only one - XIX century palace Salort Palau (Palau Salort). Next to the palace is the building of the market (1895), made in a modern style. The city has many nice restaurants and beautiful fish market.

then go and sleep in Porto Cristo. This beach is famous for its caves, discovered in 1896 and becoming a favorite destination for summer vacations Kings of Majorca.

day 6.Porto Cristo - Cabrera.

o.Kabrera - a tiny rocky island, the length of which is only 4 miles, in the past had been a haven for pirates, and later became a prison during the Napoleonic Wars. Near the port is a pirate fortress of the 14th century. In 1991, the island became a national park because of its rich wildlife. This is the only sanctuary in Spain combined, including both land and sea. On the shores of this magical group of islands, situated opposite the southern coast of Mallorca, there is only one sandy beach on the east coast, but the lack of beaches fully compensated by the beautiful, untouched nature and the incredible beauty of the bays.

Overnight at anchor.

7 days.Cabrera - Palma de Mallorca.

Go to Palma de - Mallorca, renting boats, sightseeing, shopping.

Day 8.Homecoming.

Download leaflet:"Spain. Palma de Mallorca. CABRERA. Menorca"

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