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SICILY. The volcanic islands - JUNE 2013

TRAVEL DATE: 31.05.13 - 09.06.13

ROUTE: about.Sicily (KaTania - Portorosa - o.Vulkano - o.Lipari - about. Stromboli --Milazzo- Portorosa - Catania)

Skills shipping is required


  • Total Cost per person in the crew of at least 8 people. when placed in 2 places. cabin 850 euros.

Note: this price is valid until May 1, 2013.

For any questions please call:

  • (915) 092-94-10
  • (495) 636-17-08

The price includes:

  • place on the yacht Cyclades 50.4 (5Cab) when placed in 2 places. cabin.
  • Bed linen and towels on a yacht.
  • Services skipper.
  • Final cleaning yacht.
  • photos and video.

additional paid:

  • flight to g.Kataniya.
  • visa to travel to Italy.
  • *** Stay at a 2-bed room - 2 days (approx 70 euros for two days per person.)
  • Refundable security deposit (collected from the crew of the yacht) (2500 euros) is fully refundable at the time of yachts in the last day.
  • Car (tour the active volcano Mount Etna + movement in Portorosa) (approx 85 euros per person.)
  • Private meals during the trip.
  • port charges, fuel, water and electricity (approx 100 euros per person.)


    • rise to the top of Mount Etna on snowmobiles (50 euros).
    • Diving (approx 50-60 euros).
    • Visiting wineries CAPOFARO (wine tasting).

    company SKY-YACHTING, if necessary, provides visa support.

    ROUTE: about.Sicily (KaTania - Portorosa - o.Vulkano - o.Lipari - about. Stromboli --Milazzo- Portorosa - Catania)

    trip on a yacht on the volcanic island on the fun island of Italy. Volcanoes of the ancient cities of different times and cultures, and an extraordinary variety of landscapes and architectural styles.

    Aeolian Islands are also known as the Aeolian Islands. This volcanic archipelago is located near the northern coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Off the coast of Sicily there is a cascade of delightful islands - Ustica, Pantelleria, Egadi and Pelagsky archipelagos. However, the most popular of them are marvelous Aeolian Islands, the legendary home of Aeolus, god of the winds. Aeolian tiara is composed of seven islands teeming with active and extinct volcanoes.

    one day.Arrival in Catania, accommodation in hotel *** in the center of the city. Catania - the province, which today is the most important trade and economic region of Sicily. For tourists it can mean the following: the development of infrastructure, hotels for every taste and budget, lower prices compared with other provinces of the island and great for shopping. Port city, located on the east coast of Sicily at the foot of Mount Etna.

    Day 2.A trip to the volcano. Etna - acting starovulkan, located on the east coast of Sicily, close to Messina and Catania. This is the highest active volcano in Europe. The height varies from Etna's eruption to eruption. So, now the volcano is 21.6 m lower than it was in 1865. Etna - the highest mountain in Italy south of the Alps, it covers an area of ​​1250 square kilometers. Thus, Etna - the largest active volcano in Italy, surpassing its nearest"rival" Vesuvius more than 2.5 times. After the tour transfer to Portorosa. Accommodation on the yacht, purchasing provisions.

    Day 3.out to sea. The transition to the island of Vulcano (20 miles), the anchorage at Porto Levante. Porto Levante is situated at the foot of the dormant volcano (last major eruption took place here in 1980, minor volcanic phenomena on the island do not stop - boiling mud baths, spewing water and steam geysers.). Travelers can cross to the beach and walk to the cyclopean volcano crater, take a mud bath in the evening stroll through the city of restaurants, pizzerias, and dance halls.

    Day 4.Go to the island of Lipari. Stops for swimming in the strait between the islands and bays, accessible only from the sea. The island also has a very convenient and comfortable marina, but as you can to stay in a great hotel.
    Lipari Island - is the largest (after Stromboli) and the most beautiful of the Aeolian Islands, the lack of volcanic activity which offset a variety of beautiful landscapes. Port, where tourist arrivals is located in the town of Lipari Town. The attractions of the town are the walled old quarter and a small archaeological museum in Castello. Exceptionally beautiful so-called"faraglioni" - rocks, here and there, protruding from the sea water near the coast.

    Day 5.An early start to the island of Stromboli (30 miles). Stromboli Island has the most pronounced volcanic activity - spectacular eruption on its conical peak occurs about four times an hour. The yacht will anchor near the village of San Vincenzo, who, together with the neighboring villages pishit and San Bartolo forms the main village of Stromboli - Stromboli, Paeze. Here are most of the hotels and the main with black sand beach of the island (north of pishit). To the crater, the center of the volcanic views, you can walk (optional - with a guide), but climbing to the top of 924-meter will be long. You can also admire the steaming lava flows and at a distance - from the sea. The most spectacular views unfold at night.

    Day 6.to the island of Salina (25 miles). Overnight in the marina of Santa Marina di Salina. Salina island formed by two volcanoes, is one of the greenest places of the Mediterranean region. The port of Santa Marina - a small cozy oasis island culture with excellent fish restaurants. The island is known as the birthplace of wine Malvasia. Visiting wineries CAPOFARO (wine tasting)

    7 days.Sailing along the islands, the transition in paragraph Milazzo overnight at anchor. Visitors can cross to the beach.
    Milazzo - a small town in the north-east coast of Sicily, founded by the Greeks in the VII. BC The city attracts tourists and interesting from an architectural and historical points of view. There is also a great city beaches. City center surrounded by ancient walls, inside of which is the old Cathedral of the XVII century. and lock in XIII., powerful protective structure era of Frederick II.

    Day 8.Swimming in the bay Golfo di Patti, the transition to the Marina Portorosa. Sheck-out from the yacht

    Day 9.Car g.Kataniya. Accommodation at the hotel ***. Free day

    day 10.The return home.

    Download the flyer:" Sicily. TRAVEL volcanic islands"

    SeeSicilyin a larger map

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