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We congratulate you!

undoubtedly rest on a yacht will leave you and your friends, a lasting impression in the memory, in photos and video, to which you will return time and again. And maybe you will be inspired a desire to return again and again to travel and yachting. Learn and explore new areas of diving, to communicate with the unforgettable nature of the seas and oceans. Visit different countries and continents. Get more pleasure from going under strained wind sails and more new models of sailing yachts and sailing catamarans. What could be more beautiful? And in order to make your tour to boat was comfortable, we will give you advice.

Before the trip we recommend that you make all the necessary purchases.

First of all, this applies to clothing and gear. Each has its own weather clothing. If travel is in the off season, then you should bring the following items:

  • Underwear;

  • Warm costumes;

  • Warm socks;

  • Moccasins or mini boots (always on the bright soles);

  • jacket or sweater.

There is special clothing yacht, which can be purchased in advance: gloves, waterproof suit (nepromokanets) and yachting shoes. Our company SKY-YACHTING.RU recommends two brands " MUSTO "and" GAASTRA ".

Our advice to beginners:

  • necessarily buy gloves with fingers, as his hands have to work a lot, and your arms should be safe;

  • Yacht oiler presented a great many, so make a decision on the basis of price / quality ratio;

  • main characteristic of yachting shoes - it can withstand the impact of sea water, dries quickly, and most importantly - less slides and leaves no residue on the deck;

  • All things must be packed in a bag, not a suitcase, because Luggage space on the boat there, and things are put on the lockers and shelves.

In summer, be sure to have the following items:

  • shorts, lightweight pants, shirts, skirts, shirts and swimwear;

  • Caps and bandanas;

  • sunglasses, preferably tied with string, not to have departed;

  • Sunscreens and sprays, with varying degrees of protection.

Do not forget to bring a small individual first aid kit, which should contain the necessary preparations to you as well, just in case, a drug for motion sickness "Dramina." Enough to follow the simple rules for the manifestation of symptoms:

  • is upstairs on the deck, looking away into the distance and swing in opposite yacht;

  • If you went down to the cabin to rest, you need to quickly lay down and close your eyes;

  • Traditionally little rum always help you from this affliction!

Welcome aboard!

Balearic Islands SEPTEMBER 2012.

ANTILLES December 2012.

Crabs Phi Phi January 2013.


INDIAN OCEAN March 2013 .

Seychelles ARHIPELG APRIL 2013 .

volcanic islands JUNE 2013.

Croatia Montenegro JULY 2013.

Ajaccio _ Porto Vecchio AUGUST 2013.


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