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nearby regatta and yacht tours:

What pictures are born with the word "rest"? Usually - summer, sun, sea, beach ...


Why lounge on the beach, when you can go in trip on a yacht ?

It's so easy to become a conqueror of waves and winds, or submit a discoverer of land no worse Columbus ...

Did you ever dreamed to be a white sail above the water surface?

cruise boat: go to an interesting adventure!

Marine boat tours - rest, which only you choose! Water space, new countries and cities ... It is up to you and depends on your desires, what will be your cruise on a yacht!

you can take a trip on a yacht:

  • as a crew member

cruise on a yacht You will never forget! All the difficulties and joys of a sailor's life, and the wisdom of marine science and maritime real friendship - that's what you can expect when choosing these yacht tours here.

  • with amenities

rest on a yacht like a vacation in a floating hotel. Bar, fine dining, entertainment - everything you could wish for, except, perhaps, on the beach. However, this does not mean that you can not soak up the water or lie on the sand. Swimming in a clean sea, and while parked in marinas can learn about the history of ancient cities, and beaches.

boat tours for you if you are:

  • like to visit different cities;
  • dreaming of a romantic trip on a yacht together;
  • planning corporate holiday in your company;
  • prefer extreme rest on a yacht as a sailor;
  • want cruise on a yacht became a family adventure, and going in search of pirate gold ...

agree, fascinating, full of emotions and new experiences rest on a yacht, such as offering SKY-YACHTING.RU - a great alternative to "lazy" and for the rest of fans of extreme sports and romance, and for families with children who dream of adventure.

a cruise on a yacht with our company you will:

  • remember this vacation of a lifetime;
  • forged new friendships;
  • feel the force of the wind and sea power of the water element;
  • feel like a sailor ...

already presented themselves on the board? So is not it time for you to learn boat tours ?

Regular customers for each trip on a yacht - 5% discount!

Maximum discount - 10%.

During the year members of the club played certificate denomination - 500 euros. The certificate gives the right to receive a discount on this amount for payment of any tour on a yacht.

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Balearic Islands SEPTEMBER 2012.

ANTILLES December 2012.

Crabs Phi Phi January 2013.


INDIAN OCEAN March 2013 .

Seychelles ARHIPELG APRIL 2013 .

volcanic islands JUNE 2013.

Croatia Montenegro JULY 2013.

Ajaccio _ Porto Vecchio AUGUST 2013.


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